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Brooke Brown likes to be thought of as “an ink weaver of life, faith and fiction” because her passion is sharing all types of stories that bring Glory to God and inspire audiences. She’s the author of The Little Butterfly Girl; a blogger, coach, and speaker at Dr. John Trent’s Strong Families ministry; a writer for Autumn Magazine; and a creative project editor. Brooke is also an advocate for people with disabilities through acting in Theatre360, serving as Co-State Coordinator for the Ms. Wheelchair Arizona program, and sharing her life experiences with cerebral palsy at many conferences and community events.

Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy is a developmental disability. This means a brain injury has occurred effecting body movement and muscle coordination. It is caused by complications during pregnancy or childbirth. For most children, diagnosis does not occur until a few months after birth. The most severe traits of cerebral palsy are muscle tightness (high tone), which often hampers the ability to be mobile as well as fine motor capability and impaired speech. Other less common symptoms include loss of hearing, eyesight and abnormal body sensations and perception. Out of all the development disabilities, cerebral palsy is the most commonly diagnosed. It affects approximately two out of every thousand children born in the United States today. Although very mild cases may improve or disappear with growth and development, cerebral palsy is not curable nor is it progressive. Improvement can be made with therapy and medications such as Baclofen can be used to reduce spasticity. There are in place many surgical procedures to reduce spasticity and allow for more functional movement for many who are afflicted. A typical Cerebral Palsy patient will endure several minor and major surgeries during their lifetime.

Cerebral Palsy facts and resources

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