Brooke’s Butterfly Touch

What Exactly is Storytelling with Brooke's Butterfly Touch?


There are no two butterflies exactly alike.  Therefore, they should all be handled with the utmost care and respect.  Each one has its own delicate strength and unique purpose.  The same principle applies to people and the stories they have to tell.


And so, simply put, the mission of Brooke's Butterfly Touch is to help people find the  most comfortable form and perfect voice for their stories, so they can be shared in any setting and with whomever they wish.  A story can be written, shown, just spoken, performed or it may have a little bit of everything.  It’s up to the storyteller.  When deciding on on a story to tell, it’s important to remember the most powerful stories can be created from a single reflection, moment in time or a series of specific experiences.  I (Brooke) am just here to help the ideas grow and take flight, like the graceful new wings of a butterfly…


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